We have loads of 100% cotton t-shirts with plenty of original designs to choose from. These include Wildlife t-shirt printsAfrica t-shirt prints and even a few designs for our Gamer buddies!  Do not forget about the bestselling Original Hyena Tee. 

We deliver to South Africa with FREE DELIVERY to Joburg, Randburg and Sandton. 

At the heart of Jean-Andre Jewellers is a family’s love affair with all things Jewellery. They had a vision all those years ago, and with passion, hard work and an unwavering spirit, Jean-Andre Jewellers was born.

Jean-Andre Jewellers philosophy is our unwavering desire to match the perfect piece of jewellery with our discerning customers.

Let us make your dreams come true.

Bia Cycling is also a place where our community of cyclists can come together at The Bia Hub. We are based in the beautiful Berkshire village of Twyford. The Hub is a safe space for you to come and relax, enjoy a coffee, find kit and get advice or assistance with servicing your bicycle. Our culture extends into the retail space and we offer cycling getaways we call escapes to enhance your cycling experience and offer value to our community.

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At Kwakuhle Environmental Solutions we pride ourselves on our world class service excellence. Kwakuhle Environmental Solutions has taken a fresh approach to the hygiene industry employing a unique philosophy: Technology is key to drive service excellence. Kwakuhle Environmental Solutions truly understands the needs of the South African market. 

Wealth Protection and more…. Protecting your most valuable asset – your ability to earn an income. Wealth protection provides certainty, when an uncertain event happens.

Life cover, disability cover, Income protection and Critical Illness cover are the main tools used to create certainty and peace of mind when your life takes an unexpected turn.

Summer Symphony was conceptualised around 2000 between two business partners with a shared passion for property investment. Since then, SSP has become a dedicated property management service provider, managing several buildings throughout South Africa and the UK. SSP specialises in rental asset management and property management, and continues to provide a safe and mutually beneficial arrangement for both owners and renters.

Jib Professionals is a supplier of Jimmy Jib gear rentals and operators for live television broadcasts, corporate events, sports, music festivals, commercials and film industry for the African continent based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We are 100% black owned entity with over a decade experience specialising on Jimmy Jibs. Our experience and creativity provides customer satisfaction.